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Randall King – 6:30pm-8pm

Randall King – 6:30pm-8pm

Friday, October 12 – Demontrond Stage

From the West Texas plains of Hereford, Randall King, a 4th generation “hay hauler”, son of a trucker, brings modernized neo-traditional/honky-tonk to life. His writing reflects his appreciation of his songwriting heroes, Haggard, Whitley & Jackson, and is characterized with a voice that rings true country. Randall moved to Lubbock in the fall of 2009, where he began brewing his own, unique songwriting blend.

He released his debut album, Old Dirt Road, in 2013, and began to make a splash in the Texas/Red Dirt scene. “Don’t Ask Her Tonight” was released to local radio stations, and was listed at #62 on the Top 100 Songs of Lubbock in 2013 by New Slang. The record also produced several consistent, top five most requested songs on Lubbock’s 105.3 The Red Dirt Rebel/KJDL. Old Dirt Road was also voted #4 of the Top 5 Lubbock Albums of 2013 by New Slang.

Since then, King and his crew have been working in Ft Worth, TX with Bart Rose at Ft. Worth Sound narrowing in on the true country sound of Randall’s songwriting. “Hard Livin’ Illene”, the current single off of the EP “Another Bullet”, is a direct reflection of King finding himself and his modernized honky-tonk style within his music.

Randall King – “Another Bullet”

Randall King – “The Problem”


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Josh Ward – 10:30pm-12am

Josh Ward – 10:30pm-12am

Friday, October 12 – Demontrond Stage

For most independent music artists, a bold statement like this could easily be waved off as a “head in the clouds” sentiment from a young and naive dreamer, but from Houston native Josh Ward, it just so happens to be a bona fide fact. Since the release of both his second studio album “Promises” and his latest studio album “Holding Me Together”, Josh has amassed seven consecutive #1 hits on the Texas Regional Radio Chart over two solid years and counting, distinguishing him as a new generation heavy weight champion of old school country music. Through tenacity and hard work Josh has grown into one of the most respected and appreciated musicians in the state. A well-versed songsmith with a hauntingly traditional voice, his honest and visceral delivery of every song compels audiences to feel his lyrics with him as he takes them on his musical journey. Fellow songwriter Mike Ethan Messick once said of Josh, “Josh Ward sings like Mike Tyson hits hard”.

Josh Ward found his voice singing old gospel hymns in church when he was knee high to a grasshopper. In high school, while riding in the rodeo circuit, he discovered Willie, Waylon, Merle, Jones and Strait, and found himself feeling like a string of chords being perfectly strummed by those legendary sounds. That feeling inspired him to pick up a guitar and start singing in the parking lots of rodeo events. The reactions and encouragements he spurred from peers and onlookers led him to form his first band and hit the local honky tonk circuit in 2003. Needing something to sell to the demands of a swelling fan base, he recorded his first EP “Hard Whiskey”, the title track being to this day one of his most requested at live shows. It was in 2012 when Ward truly found his stride with the release of his first full length album “Promises”, produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer, Greg Hunt. It seemed clear that radio had discovered their new banner artist in Ward with all five singles hitting the Top 20 on the Texas Music charts, three of those scoring #1’s—almost unheard of for a debut artist. Ward wrapped up 2013 as the Texas Regional Radio’s New Male Vocalist of the Year.

When it came time to get back in the studio for his next album, Ward knew just where he was going… back to Rosewood Studios in Tyler, TX with the return of Greg Hunt behind the sound board. Ward credits the hidden jewel studio as the place where he found his sound, and Hunt as the wizard who pulled it out of him. Their work on Ward’s third full length album “Holding Me Together” (released October 2015) proved yet another triumphant collaboration. All four singles went to #1 on the TRRR Chart starting with “Highway”, the 12-cylinder engine that takes you steadily through the steep grade and back down to TRRR’s Song of the Year, “Whiskey & Whitley”, with its bottomless tear-jerking come-on’s. Through many more miles of winding peaks and valleys on hits like “Somewhere Between Right & Wrong”, “Broken Heart”, and the new single “Change My Mind”, what this album gives you is the white-knuckle roller coaster ride Ward intended you to have. A thrill that translates meticulously to the stage with live performances that not only mirror the studio versions, but as a whole, has only one singular motive… to hold you hostage on the dance floor.


Different Beast – 6:30pm-9:15pm

Different Beast – 6:30pm-9:15pm

Friday, October 12 – PCI Stage

Different Beast is a Houston, Texas-area band that is an eclectic mix of musicians with varying musical tastes, influences and backgrounds—all of which revolve around a common core of “groove-based roots-rock”.

We play festivals, clubs, private parties, crawfish boils, barbecue cook-offs, chili cook-offs, shindigs, hootenannies, jamborees, charity fundraisers, and occasional wedding receptions.


Heath Ledet – 5:30pm-7:30pm

Heath Ledet – 5:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday, October 13 – PCI Stage

The Heath Ledet Band has a Cajun New Orleans style with a funky blues rhythm. Front-man Heath Ledet pushes with strong, true, down-on-the-bayou vocals.

A native of Bayou Lafourche, his love for music began at an early age. Inspired by his parents, he picked up a guitar at the age of 8 and began playing and writing music.

“When I was a young boy I would watch my father, Mel Ledet Jr., play guitar and sing with such true emotion. I always dreamt of being able to capture time as he did in his performances. Somehow he had and still has the ability to, as I like to call it, stop the clock. His emotions would take over and the last thing you were thinking about was time! As I began to get older, I started to experience shorter versions of these “stop the clock” moments while practicing. I soon figured out when I let my soul take over I could lose track of time and everything else besides playing guitar and singing. It was then when I realized exactly what I wanted; even though I couldn’t get it every time or more less in front of people.

I began playing with my brother, Mel Ledet III, and friend, Darrell Theriot, every chance I had. We spent many days and nights making a lot of noise but that was the extent of it. Hell, it made us feel good!! As time passed, I got stuck in a rut playing the same old songs over and over. I wanted more but didn’t know how to go get it! Some of my musician friends were in the same boat. I put aside my guitar for about 8 months and didn’t have any desire to play. At that time my brother, Mel, invited me to a festival called Voice of the Wet Lands (VOW) in Houma, Louisiana, where he was taking part in a cook-off team. He raved about the music and how much he loved the festival.

The following year, Mel planned for us to take our pig cooker out to the same festival and rotisserie a few, 300lbs pigs. Since I love to cook I jumped all over it!! I was blown away by the experience of the festival!! Watching Mike Zito rip it down with Jimmy Hall putting the harp in your face along with the killer vocals of both, brought out such beauty that it took my breath away! Tab getting up and jamming with Louisiana La Roux was out of this world! I kept thinking, ‘Man, it would be awesome to be good enough to get on that stage’.

I couldn’t wait to get home and pick up my guitar! Boy that sure did turn into a huge disappointment! I wanted to break it to pieces! I thought it was the guitar because I went to the guitar shop and bought a new guitar and amp. It sounded great while I was playing the same old things I had been playing for years but there was still something missing. I decided right then I was not going to play any more cover songs. I was going to search for the fresh start I needed.

Around that time, Darrell Theriot came to me with a book called THE MUSIC LESSON – A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music by Victor L. Wooten. All I can say is it was the best thing I have ever read. It changed my life!! It had all the answers I had been looking for right there! I took Mr. Victor’s advice and started to play along with some of my favorite musicians. I popped in some Jonny Lang and attempted to play.

For two years I didn’t play any cover songs for anyone. I just played the things I wrote and would practice alongside the musicians I truly respected. Hooked on the “VOW” Festival, we continued to cook every year and became friends with some great people! One night after planning another festival named the T-Bois Blues Festival in Larose, Louisiana, Ruben Williams popped in to say hello. Ruben manages the VOW entertainment along with many other festivals and great musicians. Not knowing I played music, he began to look around and take notice of all of my instruments lying around. When he realized they were mine he said, “I have known you now for a few years and didn’t know you were into music!”

Before I knew it I had a guitar in my hands. Mel was playing drums and Ruben was hopping around on different instruments! We were jamming out!! Soon after that, I got booked to play at T-Bois Blues Festival which was only a few months away at the time. After playing there I was given the opportunity to open Saturday’s music show at a very special festival. Yes, the one and only “VOW” Festival!! My dream!!! I got hooked up with Pershing Wells, the owner/producer of Digital Sac-a-Lait Productions in Houma, Louisiana and began working on my first album “Chasing My Dreams”. Working with Pershing was one of the best experiences of my life! I recommend Digital Sac-a-Lait Productions to anyone who is looking for nothing less than professional.”