High Performance – 8pm-9:30pm

High Performance – 8pm-9:30pm

Saturday, October 13 – PCI Stage

This band has been an idea of Kevin Dugas and Steve Riley for over ten years now. The idea was there, but nothing was ever put together until the middle of 2008. When Kevin put this group of guys together, they knew then there was something special. So they recorded a live gig which resulted in “Live from Breaux Bridge” parts 1 & 2.

The idea Kevin and Steve had was to take the twin fiddles and the powerful steel guitar sounds of Belton Richard and Aldus Roger, bring that sound back to life, and modernize that sound. Keeping the traditional sound of that era alive is the passion of this group. But with the modern technology of today, it’s like “1960’s dance hall music on steroids”. Everyone in the band has cut their teeth on this type of music. The songs they play were heard at the dance hall scene in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Each member possesses musical talent passed down from generation to generation by close family. You can say that they are the second generation of musicians from an era of music they love and want to keep alive.


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