Rod Brothers – 2:30pm-4pm

Rod Brothers – 2:30pm-4pm

Sunday, October 14 – PCI Stage

Considered by many to be one of the Houston area’s premier classic rock and roll bands, The Rod Brothers Band plays a variety of tunes from the era’s most prominent artists.

“You could hear us play songs of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, Robin Trower, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Steely Dan or just about any other classic rock artist,” said guitarist “Jim Rod” Cappiello, founder of the group, who will be celebrating his 60th birthday on Jan. 27.

In addition to Cappiello, who plays guitar and sings, the current lineup of The Rod Brothers Band is comprised of guitarist and lead vocalist Hugh “Hugh Rod” Meyer, drummer Lee “Moose Rod” Musquiz and bassist Stew “Stew Rod” Robertson.

Now in its sixth year of existence, The Rod Brothers Band name actually came into being long ago.

Cappiello explained, “The Rod Brothers name came about back in 1979-80 when James LaPorte and I were playing the Chelsea Street Pub circuit, doing the college thing. Then, about four years ago, Hugh Meyer and I were playing under The Rod Brothers name at The Pour House, where we had a acoustic duo gig. We kind of got bored with that and asked Stew Robertson and Tadd Kelley to join us. At that point, we became The Rod Brothers Band. Then, when Tadd left, Lee Musquiz joined us and that’s our current lineup now — me, Hugh, Stew and Lee. Every time we play, we get better. It’s 180 percent compared to when we started.”

He continued, “One of the thing that really flips our audiences out are the guitar synths. We don’t use our factory pickups; we use 100 percent MIDI which gives us a huge variety of options, even to the point of our guitars sounding like a flute or sax. It’s a very unique sound and it can sound like we have six people playing in the band instead of four. We like it and our followers seem to like it too.”

Known for its outstanding musicianship and stage antics, The Rod Brothers Band has developed a large following, reflecting its commitment to putting on a show that keeps audiences coming back for more. For their part, the band enjoys playing in Humble, particularly the Twin Oaks Tavern, located at 211 E. Main Street.

“I love the attitude of the place,” Cappiello said. “I like the feel of the place. It’s a neighborhood place with a clientele that truly enjoys the type of music we play. It’s the classic neighborhood pub where people can come hear good music, dance and have a good time.”


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